Important Things to Know

“All the news that’s fit to print, and a whole lot more that isn’t.”



1. I will not talk about Fight Club.

2. Fight Club blows.


Glossary of Terms

Going Overboard – when someone does/says something so far beyond the pale that it deserves special mention apart from normal stupid, ridiculous things. Also the 36th worst film of all time according to the internets.

Sonic Sez – inspired by the old cartoon where the hedgehog hero would dispense useful life lessons at the end of each episode

Random Excellent Item of the Day – this one shouldn’t be too hard to figure out

Watch This Shit – see above

Evidence of Things Now Seen – observation and analysis of Facebook users in their natural habitat. Like John Goodman and the chimps, or whatever that shit was.

Worst Person in the World – inspired by/ripped off from the original segment on the now defunct Countdown With Keith Olbermann. Literally the worst human being on earth on that given day.


Frequently Asked Questions

You’re stupid and ridiculous?

Of course not.

Then why is this place called Stupid, Ridiculous Things?

Because many things I comment on here are inspired by some event/situation/person being stupid and ridiculous which I need to set the record straight on for the general welfare of humanity.

So everything you disagree with/don’t like is stupid and ridiculous?



Swear to god.

I don’t think anyone has ever asked any of these questions at all, much less frequently.

That’s not a question.

Okay, fine. Has anyone ever asked any of these ques-

This press conference is over.


Frequently Asked Questions That Have Actually Been Asked In Real Life By Real People Just Like You

You should allow comments.

Again, not a question, but swell guy that I am I’ll indulge it for a moment.


A bit more detail: no because I don’t want to have to deal with responding to every comment that disagrees with me (I do enough of that off the net). No because, while unlikely in the extreme, someone could see a comment here antithetical to my views on a matter and actually come away agreeing with their viewpoint and not mine (I shudder at the prospect).

And no because, and this one I’m being semi-serious about, if even one instance happened where someone came away convinced of something totally wrong because of a comment someone else made then that’s partly on me for allowing the comment to appear here. I can’t control the other 99.99999999999 etc% of information out there, but in this one place I can control I’m not gonna allow the possibility of wrongness being disseminated, unless it’s my own. But that will never happen.

You are insufferably smug, hopelessly arrogant and utterly in love with the sound of your own thoughts to the point where you are totally unwilling or incapable of giving the legitimate views of others the respect they deserve. (paraphrased and better articulated from standard “You think you’re right about everything!!!!!1” line of argument)

Yeah, well… maybe.


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