Latest definition of irony

Our first definition (I say ‘our’ because I see the big time bloggers use it to make their tech teams feel involved, but this shit is all me) (as if you couldn’t tell) was Newt Gingrich apologizing for the typos in his hastily written Tweets with a hastily written Tweet in which he misspelled ‘typo.’

A year later, we had sociopathic Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, with his characteristic bad timing, rip the Oakland Athletics’ Dallas Braden as a nobody, only to see him catapulted into the headlines after throwing a perfect game two days later. (To be fair to A-Rod, he was almost right – Braden has barely been heard from since.)

And now we have this from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, whose obscenely anti-union policies forced him into the indignity of facing what was only the third attempted gubernatorial recall election in U.S. history, (he survived, due in large part to sympathy votes cast by Wisconsinites who were not unreasonably convinced by their Google image search results that the man has Down’s syndrome,) (seriously, take a look) taking to Twitter to denounce the hideous game-ending call by the replacement officials in last night’s Packers-Seahawks game:

…which was caused by, of course, a multibillion-dollar monopoly refusing to compensate its employees properly, thus resulting in a unionized strike.

Oh, look: a tough-talking conservative who’s ready to cave whenever his personal interests clash with his principals.

How. Novel.