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Mitt Romney is a real fucking prick
July 12, 2012

Forget all the shape-shifting, flip-flopping and robot-like insults/accurate descriptors. They’re true, but not nearly direct enough: this guy is a fucking prick. He’s not, as the most generous assesments afford him, a closet moderate technocrat just playing down his competence level to appeal to the braying rubes of the Republican base: he’s a genuine fucking prick.

I’m putting this up now as a placeholding reminder to do a more detailed follow-up, but I also just had to call him what he is after what might be the most shameless, disgusting, bile-inducing thing he’s done yet. Today, Mitt Romney got black people to boo him so he could look more like an authentic racist. That might be the worst thing I’ve ever heard when it comes to politics, and that’s really saying something, because it’s fucking politics.

I may need to resurrect the People Who Should Die feature.