Oh look, it’s the 1950s

Hot on the heels of reviving the “controversy” over contraception, the Grand Old (lolz) Party has now resurrected the issue of school prayer.

Yup, Florida just took it upon themselves to say “Eh, fuck it” and pass a law that you, um, can’t pass. That’s so cool! Maybe next Alabama can bring back public flogging, and Georgia can prohibit interracial marriage. Fuck the system!

For some actual serious commentary on the issue, take it away West Wing:

“I’ll tell you why it should be front and center. It’s not the First Amendment, it’s not religious freedom, it’s not church and state; it’s not abstract. It’s the fourth grader who gets his ass kicked at recess because he sat out the voluntary prayer in homeroom. It’s another way of making kids different from other kids, and they’re required by law to be there. That’s why you want it front and center: the fourth grader. That’s the prize.”

Compassion and eloquence; oh, Aaron Sorkin, how stupidly quaint you are. Enjoy it while you can. Soon enough President Santorum will be in charge, he’ll name David Mamet Secretary of Entertainment for Real Americans, and we’ll once again be able to force our sisters to carry our kids to term in peace.