I’m watching GOP presidential candidate/Distinguished Professor of Carnal Knowledge Rick Santorum spray a liplicking crowd with frothy Obama-bashing goodness, and he trots out the usual “He (Obama) thinks he knows better than you!!!!1” bait, and I roll my eyes (I do this a lot) and think, This isn’t even an argument. It’s just you restating what you think his argument is. Shouldn’t you be explaining why he doesn’t know better than you? Or are you saying the very idea that anyone, anywhere, at any time has a firmer grasp of any issue than any American citizen is just on its face impossible?

I’d like to have that argument. I think there certainly are people who “know better than you!” I encounter this porous line of defense quite a bit when masochistically journeying into the netherrealms of the conservative id (talk radio, Fox News): if you want to teach comprehensive sex education in public schools, for instance, you just “think you know better!” Ditto for evolution by natural selection, and a host of other “areas of controversy.” But stuttering and sputtering “you think you know better!” doesn’t refute anything; maybe I do know better! So let’s have the argument. Here’s my opening statement:

Your witness, Mr. Hutt.