The Compendium of Hermantor Idiocy

Herman Cain is stupid, stupid man. Here are a few of his greatest hits:

Here’s Herman Cain asking how to speak “Cuban.”

Here’s Herman Cain quoting a “poem” which was in fact a song from the second Pokemon movie.

Here’s Herman Cain in a debate telling his opponent “you go first” because he doesn’t understand a question.

Here’s Herman Cain saying “women do it too” with regard to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Here’s Herman Cain dismissing countries he knows nothing about with the umbrella pseudonym “Uzbekibekibekibekistanstan.”

Here’s Herman Cain worrying that China, which has had nuclear capabilities since the sixties, is “trying to develop nuclear capability.”

Here’s Herman Cain not knowing what the Palestinian right of return is.

And finally, here’s Herman Cain simply struggling to produce a complete thought.

Bonus: Several more projected Herman Cain policies based on his favorite poetic works.