Mmm, sacrilicious

A critic rips beatified celluloid:

Awash with mixed messages and a disturbing sanctimony (bearing in mind there’s nothing wrong with rape/revenge flicks unless the victim is positioned as a saint/saviour unsullied by his/her debasement and fury), The Shawshank Redemption has earned its loyal following with its ability to know exactly which buttons to push in these United States… What are the lessons learned by The Shawshank Redemption but that a film with neither nuance nor irony, a film shot in brilliant colour but cast in black and white, is easier to love than a film that challenges with complicated characters making the best of a complicated situation?

I don’t go crazy for Shawshank the way, well, seemingly everyone does, but I’ve certainly enjoyed it the few times I’ve seen it. Even so, I found this writeup to be full of thought-provoking ideas, and it’s certainly well-written. The author makes a very compelling case for the film as an insidious, uniquiely American theoconservative retelling of the Christ myth.

Well worth a read, whatever your thoughts on Shawshank.