The Douchebag Factor

No, not this guy’s show. The one this more highfalutin-y titled article refers to as “the last place aversion.”

The federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour sucks. I mean, it really fucking sucks. Extrapolate it to cover 40 hours per week/50 weeks per year and you get annual earnings of $14,500.

Anyway, so what kind of mean-spirited asshats oppose raising this self evidently absurdly low figure? It’s not the people making the minimum/even less, for obvious reasons. It’s not even the people making a lot more, as you might expect; on this issue, the wealthy are actually “fairly supportive.”

So who are the assholes in question? Those making “just above the minimum wage, between $7.26 and $8.25.” Yep: it’s just that damn important to people that they have someone else to look down on, someone else even shittier off than they are of whom they can say, “Man, I’m fucked, but that guy is fucked.”

I could understand it better if it were wealthy people who were most opposed. “Make ’em work,” “up by your bootstraps,” “not my problem,” etc. It’s a stupid attitude, an ignorant attitude, and certainly a dickish attitude, but I could at least see an explanation for it: they’re so removed from the financial hardships, the cycle of poverty, the near total standstill that class mobility has come to since the election of Pope Ronnie I that they’re pretty much cognitively incapable of understanding the cruel irony of these peoples’ hamsters-on-a-wheel-esque lives: always on the run, but never moving forward.

But for the people who are only the barest bit better off, those who at the highest end of the $7.26 – $8.25 per hour bracket bring home all of $2,000 more annually than someone making the minimum and who struggle with virtually all the same problems as their slightly more-fucked brethren, for them to be the ones that most vociferously object to a raise, for sheer pettiness and disempathy to win out over compassion and commiseration when it comes to your fellow sufferers…

Ah well. People are alike all over.