I’ll try to actually keep this up

If I’m going to post as infrequently as I have, the least I can do is not make checking this blog on any given day completely unproductive. So here’s a new daily feature: a line/s from an artistic work I recommend, along with a link to further info should the line perk your interest. These excerpts may be prose or dialogue, funny or smart, poignant or profound (if I ever find one that fits all of those then it’s probably the best line ever written) (particularly since something that manages to be both dialogue and prose at once is a logical impossibility.)

Anyway, these selections will try to be as unuseless as possible. I’m not gonna post a Holden Caulfield quote about phoniness, or a certain celestial-traversing farmboy’s denial of his genealogy; what’d be the point? No, the stuff I’ll highlight is designed to pique your interest in something new that you’re maybe on the fence about, or something old that you might not be aware of, or anything in between that’s struck my fancy and I think is worth a look.

Anyway, here’s the first:

“She has the face of Buddha and the heart of a scorpion.”

– Raise the Red Lantern (1991)