No need to thank me


Imagine my surprise when, after arriving home from a long day of the grind standard nonsense I discovered in my mailbox a letter from… the Republican National Committee! Upon hurriedly tearing open the envelope, I was presented with a rousing three page-long treatise on the horrors our current nigger commander in chief is attempting to inflict upon us Real Americans: clean energy. Slightly higher taxes on millionaires. A new jobs creation bill (in the middle of a nationwide unemployment crisis – what a dope!)

Also included was the “2011 Obama Agenda Survey,” which I was practically begged to fill out. No need; your humble blogger was more than happy to do so. Naturally, I also took the time to edit a few of their questions for clarity, as well as added a few suggestions/bits of commentary (I’m helpful like that. It’s just how I roll). Doubtless their thanks will be multitudinous. Click to embiggen:

EDIT: Holy shit, I forgot the best part! Check out the return envelope:

Unbelievable – these fuckers don’t even want to pay the return postage. The Republican Party is actually crying poverty!

Also worth pointing out: these people kinda want to totally destroy the United States postal service. Man, if they’re too cheap to pay the 44¢ a stamp costs, what the fuck are they gonna do if they get rid of the post office and have to start sending their shit via FedEx or UPS?

Oh, there I go, thinking again.