Good thing he resigned

Otherwise Democrats could’ve… lost his seat.

Special thanks to all the clueless, reactionary and above all fucking stupid “liberals” in my district who crossed over to the Dark Side, particularly the mentally unwell Orthodox Jews, dependable as always in putting Israeli interests above those of their own country.

Oh, but wait. They had another good reason:

At Turner’s Election Night event at the Roma View Restaurant in Howard Beach… an Orthodox Jewish man quietly circulated among the reporters who were there, handing out fliers from a manila envelop saying the message of the election was that religious Jews were “deeply hurt and betrayed” by David Weprin’s vote in the legislature in favor of same-sex marriage.

The Gays. Again. This was one of the turncoat Orthodox Jews’ big issues: Lance marrying Julian (those are still the go-to stereotypical gay names, right?). I guess you can’t blame them. I mean, how can you expect Jewish people to sympathize with the plight of a historically persecuted minority?

You know, when someone with a last name ending in -stein is muttering to himself in frustration about the “fuckin’ Jews…” something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

And that something is my district.

(ed. note: My brother’s Bar Mitzvah reception was at Roma View. Somehow this is probably all his fault.)