So when exactly *is* the time?

“Now is not the time to raise taxes”

– Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

“Now is not the time to raise taxes.”

– Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner

“Now is not the time to raise taxes.”

– Hilariously transparent token black Republican presidential candidate Uncle Tom Herman Cain

Really? The time to raise taxes isn’t when tax revenues are at their lowest in over half a century? When the wealthiest 400 people in the country (400, not 4,000,000 or even 4,000 but 400!) put together have more money than half (150,000,000+) of all Americans put together? When the top 1% of income earners are earning 66% of the country’s total income? Really? That’s not the time to raise taxes? Really?

You know, I might have a scintilla of respect for these utterly amoral toolbags if they at least had the courage of their convictions and ditched the “now” qualifier. For fuck’s sake, at least be honest as you reverse-Robin Hood this country into ruin and say what you really believe (and what you hope nobody notices you’ve already put in writing, you disingenuous hellbound hacks): it is never the time to raise taxes. Ever.

It’s one thing to be a soulless corporatist shill/social Darwinist (and oh, how the very people who love to throw around that term would chafe at hearing it so accurately applied to their safety net-cutting selves) who believes that people without money just plain don’t deserve to live, but it’s a… well, slightly worse thing to be, on top of that, a fucking liar about it.

To be as honest and inflammatory as possible, if every Republican/conservative died right now the world would be a better place for it, and I hope with all my heart that they do as soon as nature permits.

Every. Single. One. 🙂