Pithy Republican Takedown of the Day

Conservatives now espouse ideas drawn from abstract principles with little regard to the realities of America’s present or past… They resemble the old Marxists, who refused to look around at actual experience. “I know it works in practice,” the old saw goes, “but does it work in theory?”

– Fareed Zakaria writing in Time magazine

And that’s it, isn’t it? Conservatism has undergone a foundational shift – whereas it once stood for patience, prudence and a thoughtful examination of the practical effects of government policies (in its academic, non-bigoted variant, anyway) it is now strictly the province of close-minded, ignorant fundamentalists, wholly unconcerned with how their ideas play out in reality beyond abstraction. The idea has become an end in itself.

Tax cuts will raise revenues because they will. Deregulation will create jobs because it will. Privatized healthcare is better because it is.

This is not the thought process of a political movement – it is that of a religion:

“Being gay/an atheist/having an abortion/sex before marriage is evil!”
“The Magic Book has always said so!”

There’s your unifying bond between the two otherwise dissimilar groups that make up the Republican Party – those that alternatively worship at the altar of the dollar and those that worship at that of the Lord. The fundamentalist mindset, the ironclad certitude in what they know and damn the external realities that say otherwise: these are the ties that bind. They’re all just birds of a fundie feather.