Americans’ feelings on CONTROVERSIAL things

This country’s full of stupid people, and here are our stupid views on things that largely fall under the category of “other peoples’ behavior that’s none of our damn business:”

We’re in decent or better shape (51% or better say it’s acceptable) when it comes to

– sex out of wedlock
– popping out a kid out of wedlock
– divorce
– The Gays
– adultery
– stem cell research
– gambling

We’re in not-so-decent or worse shape when it comes to:

– getting Kevorkianed
– abortion
pawn porn
– capital punishment
– cloning animals

So basically when it comes to sex we get things right (except for this bizarre anti-porno (66% disapproval!) proclivity), but when it comes to death we get everything wrong. It’s wrong to choose to stop a clump of cells from having a full nine month gestational period in your stomach, it’s wrong to have your doctor put you out of your own misery, but it’s right for the government to murder you if twelve random schmucks on a jury decide you deserve it.

America, where the government can kill you but it can’t give you health care. Duh, winning.