Random Things

– the above is the best children’s book since Grover’s foray into medicine. The variant I heard as a kid from my own parents was, “Go to fucking sleep!” (I eventually leveraged their annoyance into a a bunk bed. I was quite the savvy/spoiled child.) The book isn’t out yet, but there’s a torrent of copies floating around the net.

– fat idiot and lazy tweeter Newt Gingrich gets drenched in glitter. No further description necessary.

– Seth MacFarlane is rebooting The Flintstones… and I just died a little inside. It’s sadly bewildering – MacFarlane is smart, funny and seems to have a genuine appreciation for entertainment as an art form… and yet with few exceptions his creative output is obscenely stupid and unfunny mass-produced schlock.

*sigh* I need a smoke.