Americans get raped in the ass when it comes to healthcare. I totally did not know this.

Still, this chart is worthwhile because it rips apart every conservative/Republican/idiot talking point about how it’s government regulation or malpractice suits or having so many old people that are to blame for our outrageous healthcare costs when it is, has been and will always be because we’ve turned people’s health into a goddamned commodity.

It is America, alone in the developed world, that so deifies the dollar and so blindly fellates the free market that we treat people’s well-being as something to be bought and sold and advertised like any other nonessential product. It is America alone that has a major political party so many brews short of a six pack that it’s stumbled and bumbled its way to redefining the entire left-right-middle spectrum for our country, dragging the scale so far to the right that the same single payer system that every other developed country in the world has adopted some variant of is here considered FAR LEFT SOCIALIST BIG GUBBIMMENT in most mainstream circles.

As with, well, everything, conservatives get it wrong. The almighty free market isn’t the best way to provide people’s healthcare for the simple reason that, being of the free market and all, its chief concern isn’t the quality and affordability of its products and services. Its main concern, in fact its only concern, are its profits – minimizing costs and maximizing gains. Nowhere does the welfare of the consumer enter into this equation. Christ, isn’t this pretty self-evident stuff?

But then, we’re talking conservatives here, whose stock and trade is denying that which is self evident, shutting their eyes, covering their ears and screaming LALALALA FREE MARKET LALALALA LIBERTY I CAN’T HEAR YOU SOCIALISM. It’s all part of the same bullshit business-can-do-no-wrong mantra they trot out whenever Democrats/liberals/smart people talk about government stimuli and tax increases/the closing of loopholes for businesses. “Let businesses do what they do best: create jobs,” they crow. Which they don’t, of course; what they do best is make money for themselves. Every CEO in America would ejaculate rainbows if, tomorrow, they could fire 95% of their workforce and completely automate their production lines. Again, self-evident. Again, right over their heads.

There’s an old saying I just made up: “The man who sees one thing when all others see another is either a prophet or a madman.”

These people may be blind, but they are no prophets.

(And yes, it was super-hard not making a lame prophet/profit pun at the end there.)