Worst Person in the W-… wait, what?

“This is not a complicated issue. If America is, indeed, a noble country, it should act to save lives when it can. That doesn’t mean we get bogged down in quagmires like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam again, but when quick, decisive action can defeat evil, it should be taken.

I believe in the basic nobility of America. I also believe few other nations have the motivation and power to confront evil as this country does. If it’s only all about us, if all we think about is our own sacrifice, then American exceptionalism disappears.

We did the right thing in Libya.”

Bill O’Reilly

Yes, that Bill O’Reilly. Yes, he’s right. Yes, the world just stopped spinning.

Assuming the Libyan action is indeed “quick and decisive” (and it’s a big assumption, but as of now it’s the plan) it’s the right thing to do. A reflexive, all-encompassing policy of nonintervention after the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles, while understandable, is in the same vein of stubborn, immaleable, one-size-fits-all thinking that got us into those messes in the first place.

Calculated, cooperative air strikes can be a (relatively) cheap and effective way to level the playing field between a beleaguered rebel force and an oppressive, militant leadership (see: Kosovo, 1999, or: Death Star, a long time again in a galaxy far, far away). And not to make this a political thing, but it’s also a political thing.

Bill Clinton was smart – Kosovo worked.

W. and the whole Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz/Cheney gang were not smart – Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t work.

Obama is smart – we’ll see what happens. But if six months from now it’s gotten to the point where we’ve got tens of thousands of troops on the ground and a third unwinnable war on our hands it’s probably because Obama got lynched on a campaign stop in Bumblefuck, Texas, Joe Biden’s heart gave out from the strain of supporting his Texas-sized ego, and John Boehner is President and fucking shit up like… I don’t know, add your own gratuitous Texas swipe here.