If an American citizen is picked up by American authorities, held without charges or access to a lawyer for years, physically tortured and mentally abused to the point where when he finally stands trial in a kangaroo court his brain has turned to mush and he exhibits facial ticks, has his lawsuit against those who authorized his detention and torture thrown out because such a trial would “cause a spectacle,” and no one cares… does any of it matter?

It should. Not least because if it can happen to anyone it can happen to anyone else.

“(the court has ruled) that Donald Rumsfeld is above the law and Jose Padilla is beneath it.”

At the risk of overexposing my favorite smiley, there’s just no better cipher for my reaction to yet another instance of the American government trampling over someone’s human rights while the American public remains oblivious so as to not even realize their’s are underfoot as well: