I haven’t said anything about Egypt

because the whole thing just doesn’t catch my fancy. Maybe because it lacks a compelling villian; by dictator standards, Mubarak’s rather bland and rote. I’m not saying every little third world thug has to have the panache of a Hitler, but you’ve gotta distinguish yourself, even if it’s just something like the proto-eccentric-fascist-midget-thing Kim Jong Il’s got going on.

Another reason I haven’t gotten into it is because I know I’d end up fruitlessly expending a ton of energy ripping the Limbaugh’s and Beck’s and all the other sad leaders of conservatism today for insisting that the US continue to back a corrupt autocrat against the overwhelming ill will of his nation’s people because said autocrat plays nicely with us (because this strategy worked so well with Iran and the shah and Ayatollah Asshola a few decades ago.)

So yeah, I wasn’t really going to bother with this story, since here at Stupid, Ridiculous Things we’ve already spread our meager resources thin in order to cover stories like Hitler’s Avatar and cartoon crossbreeding and who I think should be dead. But this, this was just too good not to share: