Worst Person in the World

In homage to Keith’s infamous and infectious segment, I’ll be continuing it here from time to time. In the Olbermann tradition, the first winner is a conservative politician. I suspect he will not be the last.

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, who is staunchly anti-choice and whose last name roughly translates as ‘byproduct of anal sex’, refused to answer a very simple question: “If you found yourself in a fertility clinic that was burning down, and you had a choice between saving a 2-year-old girl or a petri dish of five fertilized eggs, what would you do?”

Santorum, in true Palinesque fashion, hemmed and hawed and complained about the unfairness of the question before finally settling on the insipid nonanswer that he would “save all human life.”

Former senator Rick Santorum, who couldn’t give the only answer logically consistent with his extreme anti-abortion beliefs (that he would save the eggs over the girl because they’re five lives instead of one) because even he knows how absurd it would sound, today’s Worst Person in the World.