Random Excellent Item of the Day

Bill Maher comes back from hiatus and rips the stupid people a new one.

It inspires a derisive chuckle, noting that the modern conservative movement has no more hated boogeyman than the intellectual coastal elites, and no more loved heroes than the Founding Fathers, who were… intellectual coastal elites.

And isn’t that just typical batshit right-wing insanity in a nutshell? My god, the literate, secular people who wrote the Constitution in order to reign in states’ rights would have excoriated this hysterical group of historical cosplayers and Christian fundamentalists who think the South’s secession over slavery was all cool in the pool, and who could sooner name all 500 radio stations that syndicate Rush Limbaugh than tell you who Plato was.

I mean, Ben Franklin was a fucking polymath, and Glenn Beck’s vocabulary isn’t even polysyllabic. What else is there to say?