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Why the fuck is this show not on TV?
December 5, 2010

Holy. Shit.

I give you the aptly titled The Andrew Show: A Show for White Kids! Each episode our host Andrew reviews a different movie from the perspective of an adorable inbred KKK member-in-waiting. It’s like Siskel and Ebert, except for the incestuous spawn of white trash southerners. And, you know, Siskel was one of those conniving Jews, and Ebert has a well known proclivity for jungle fever, both of which Andrew strongly disapproves of.

Andrew is remarkably perceptive in his criticism. Here, in his review of GI Joe, he hits on a troubling instance of an interracial relationship. Or check out this review of The Princess and the Frog, where Andrew’s colleague Alex joins him for a spirited discussion on… interracial relationships.

Okay, to be fair, Andrew’s somewhat of a one trick pony.

But what a trick it is: a barely coherent little kid with an on-again/off-again British accent struggling to read the obviously prepared remarks by his racist douchebag parents.

The world is a strange and wonderful place, indeed.


Every once in a while College Humor actually hits on something
December 1, 2010

And this is one of those times. The Final Fantasy fanfare after the first battle just had me grinning like an idiot.

Gives a whole new meaning to the J in JRPG.

Evidence of Things Now Seen
December 1, 2010

– People don’t know how to write. It is less clear if they know how to read, but painfully clear they choose not to do so.

– Many seem to fancy themselves the self-appointed apostles of our modern philosopher kings. (I refer of course to gangsta rappers.) Their short words of wisdom as relayed by status updates are, what’s the word… invaluable? Or is it worthless? One of those two, anyway.