Credit where it’s due

I have written before of my distaste for Senator Joe Lieberman, the “Independent”/prudish water-carrier for insurance companies. But even a broken clock finds a nut, and here is Joe’s: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Lieberman has been a tireless advocate of repealing the inconceivably stupid and repugnant policy that allows gays to serve in the military only so long as they never let slip that they’re gay, at which point they’re subject to summary dismissal. (Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated matter, this president supports a federal anti-discrimination law that would bar employers from firing someone because they’re gay… unless you’re the Commander in Chief of the military, aka the President, in which case it’s all good, boot those fags out on their stretched-hole asses.)

Anyway, Lieberman has, for many years, been perhaps the most consistently loud voice in opposing this grossly discriminatory policy, and has recently been working pretty much around the clock to get it repealed before the new Tea Party congress gets sworn in in January, thus killing such an effort for the next two years at least. Today he announced, after the latest effort at repeal failed in the Senate 57-40 (because only in the fucking United States Senate can something fail with a 57-40 majority) that he’d be making an effort to bring it up for a vote once again, and strongly urged his Congressional colleagues to forgo their holiday vacation time in order to keep the Senate in session and get this shit done.

I’m a big believer in giving credit where it’s due, whether the person who deserves it is typically a self-righteous gasbag or not. Joe Lieberman, on this anyway, deserves the respect of everyone who believes in affording basic human dignity to any and all persons regardless of who the fuck they want to fuck.

That is, all the sane people.