Why the fuck is this show not on TV?

Holy. Shit.

I give you the aptly titled The Andrew Show: A Show for White Kids! Each episode our host Andrew reviews a different movie from the perspective of an adorable inbred KKK member-in-waiting. It’s like Siskel and Ebert, except for the incestuous spawn of white trash southerners. And, you know, Siskel was one of those conniving Jews, and Ebert has a well known proclivity for jungle fever, both of which Andrew strongly disapproves of.

Andrew is remarkably perceptive in his criticism. Here, in his review of GI Joe, he hits on a troubling instance of an interracial relationship. Or check out this review of The Princess and the Frog, where Andrew’s colleague Alex joins him for a spirited discussion on… interracial relationships.

Okay, to be fair, Andrew’s somewhat of a one trick pony.

But what a trick it is: a barely coherent little kid with an on-again/off-again British accent struggling to read the obviously prepared remarks by his racist douchebag parents.

The world is a strange and wonderful place, indeed.