California is awesome

Just like the pot measure, this one banning circumcision won’t pass, but just the fact that this state manages to get stuff like this on a general ballot is pretty awesome.

Why won’t it pass? Because we’re used to it. That’s it. We somehow think it’s a god-given right to subject an infant to genital mutilation, as long as it’s a guy of course. And “god-given” is the key term, isn’t it, because where else could you find legal justification for slicing off part of a child’s penis, causing inconceivable pain as blood spurts out like an erupting volcano? Only in religion, and those onerous few words (“…establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”) in the First Amendment granting all manner of antics the same sacred protections we afford speech and assembly. As a famous lawyer once said, “At a certain point, we have to say ‘enough with this freedom of religion crap’.” Amen to that.

All that said, I’ll be honest: I’m happy I’m cut, because I don’t have the balls to be an outlier like that.

I don’t have the foreskin, either. 😉