Quote for the Day

I think that socializing on the Internet is to socializing what reality TV is to reality.

– Aaron Sorkin, writer of The Social Network

A gaudy, dishonest, obnoxious, mind-numbingly stupid facsimile – sounds about right.

His interview with Colbert is here. What I’ve always liked about Sorkin is his refusal to pander to the lowest common denominator, both in his work and his public appearances. He thinks Facebook is ridiculous and basically said as much, despite the PR risks you run by thinly insulting its millions of users.

In the same vein, he was on CNN yesterday and when asked for his thoughts on Sarah Palin, he didn’t mind drawing the ire of her millions of fans by accurately describing her as a “remarkably, stunningly, jaw-droppingly incompetent and mean woman.”

I really do have to get to this movie.