Fun with graphs

From the GOP’s new (and typically batshit incoherent) “Pledge to America”:

Holy shit! Those socialists and their Nigger in Chief really can spend our money, can’t they? Why, they’re spending more than twice what Bush and the Republicans did!

Except they aren’t, and that graph is bullshit, because it starts at 17%. Have you ever seen a graph start at 17%? No, you haven’t. Graphs start at 0% – unless, of course, you’re looking to intentionally deceive the less-discerning people who’ll take a quick glance at your graph and see that one bar is a lot bigger than the others, and so it must be indicative of a much higher percentage.

A closer (and I mean about 5 seconds) look shows that despite the GIANT FUCKING BAR Obama and the Democratic Congress have spent less than 4% more of federal funds as a share of the economy than either of the last two presidents and their respective Congresses.

I mean, come on. Political spin is one thing, but this isn’t spin, it’s just a flat-out lie. Hell, if they were going to distort things so bad they might as well have used this graph instead:

Look! Obama’s spent like a bajillionfuckton dollars! Better run out and vote Republican quick, so they can magically legislate massive spending cuts despite not touching a dime of the money that goes to “seniors, veterans, and our troops”, which is kinda where almost all of the federal budget goes in the first place.