The Big “meh”

Showtime had been three for three as far as I was concerned with their “strong and offbeat female protagonist” shows (Weeds, Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara), so it was with a solid amount of anticipation that I looked forward to their next one The Big C.

Headlined by Laura Linney, C features a strong/offbeat female protagonist who, upon discovering she has a fatal form of cancer, says “fuck it” and resolves to turn her boring life on its head.

There’s potential in the concept – none of it’s realized. Aside from Linney, who’s brilliant as always, the pilot that aired Monday night was a fairly worthless exercise in smugness and the eye-rolling banality that is quirk for the sake of quirk.

Showtime, Mondays at 10:30, but until it shows a lot more than it did in its premiere, don’t even bother. Getting someone on board who can write halfway decent comedy would be a great place to start.