Slaughter the sacred cow

A noteworthy article here discussing the absurdity of the National Science Foundation which, in a survey designed to test the public’s level of scientific awareness, decided to leave out the embarrassingly low percentage of Americans who accept our evolutionary roots due to concerns about offending their religious sensibilities.

Fuck their religious sensibilities. Because this

When presented with the statement “human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals,” just 45 percent of respondents indicated “true.” Compare this figure with the affirmative percentages in Japan (78), Europe (70), China (69) and South Korea (64).

is a problem.

One of the most tiresome canards espoused not only by the devout but also oftentimes the casual religious believer is the idea that denouncing their totally untenable creationist positions (aka calling them exactly what they are) is just another example of “intolerance” and “militant atheism.” This, combined with the intellectually dishonest “teach the controversy!” maxim is their attempt to cast themselves as reasonable objectors, seekers of truth wanting only for us to “hear all sides”, victimized by the close-minded tyranny of the scientific establishment.

I would hope that for anyone reading this blog the problem here would be screamingly obvious: their “side” is utterly wrong. There is no “controversy” about evolutionary biology any more than there is “controversy” about the earth being round or revolving around the sun. Homo sapiens evolved from a lower order of primate – we share a common ancestry with the chimps, gorillas and orangutans that make up the rest of the Great Ape family. This is an incontestable fact.

It doesn’t matter what your religion says. It doesn’t matter whether you find it offensive or disheartening, the idea that humans as a species could come about perfectly naturally, without the need of a guiding, supernatural force. It doesn’t matter what you personally believe – something is either true or it is not true. Evolution is true – species change, break-off and form new species over time. Our current explanation for this, an evolved (lolz) form of Darwin’s original explanation of natural selection, is as rock-solid a theory as there exists in the field of biology.

There exists an unfortunate bit of conventional wisdom, born out of a well-intentioned deference to etiquette and general niceties, that when a great many people hold a specific belief it is incumbent upon those who do not to nonetheless respect it. Especially when it involves religion.

Bull. Shit.

55% of this country chooses to ignore mountains of anthropological and genetic evidence in favor of unfounded, unprovable creationist crap.

55% of this country is being stupid and ridiculous.