More gratuitous GOP bashing

You know what’s brilliant? How the same group of dopes who blamed the burst of the housing bubble on Bill Clinton almost 8 years after he left office can turn right around and with a straight face be all sorts of righteously indignant at the very idea that Bush 43’s policy of “Knock yourself out, drill wherever/however the fuck you want” had anything at all to do with that kind-of-a-big-deal oil puddle in the Gulf that happened all of 1 1/2 years after he yee-haw-suckers-I’m-outta-here’d off into the sunset.

You know what’s even more brilliant? How this party is so ridiculously wrong about everything there is to be wrong about that their national mantra up until recently actually included the slogan “Drill, baby, drill!”.

I think there’s some irony to be found there. I could be wrong.

Ya gotta love Republicans. And by love I mean be pissed the fuck off at how their personal retardery collectively retards our national progress, but man, they make for some really palatable schadenfreude. If there’s anyone whom it’s okay to look at and say to yourself, “Shit, I am so much better than those people”, it’s, well, those people.

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