From the Department of Blindingly Obvious Information

Tea Party clowns don’t like blacks, Muslims, gays and immigrants in general.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it doesn’t make you racist just because you believe that, “If blacks would only try harder, they would be as well off as whites.”

Maybe you’re not a xenophobe simply because you agree that, “Immigration is changing the culture in the US for the worse.”

Perhaps you can believe that, “We should single out Muslims or Middle Easterners for airport security stops” while simultaneously being perfectly okay with Muslims.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe these people are just what they’ve insisted they are all along, fiscally responsible libertarian minded folk who just “want our country back.”

Nah. They’re bigoted toolbags who only want their country back from that effete monkeyterrorist in the White House, and I’m never wrong.

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