Watch This Shit

“Excuse me. Everyone, I have a brief announcement to make: Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the devil, and the government is lying about 9/11. Thank you for your time and good night.”

That’s how The Boondocks opened its premiere back in 2005, with precocious and cynical 10 year old Huey Freeman “having that dream where you make the white people riot” again. Since then it has been, at its best, every bit as spot-on with its social satire as South Park (and much, much more visually accomplished).

As the best shows often are, every episode is either written or co-written by its creator, Aaron McGruder, a very funny and incisive guy who’s never been afraid to address uncomfortable truths that will piss people off. This was on full display last night in the return of the show after a two year absence, a mockumentary about black people “dick-riding Obama” during the 2008 presidential campaign. (Riley Freeman, pictured above: “If my nigga Obama gets up in there, I’ma act a fool. I ain’t doin’ no more homework, no nothin.”)

So yeah, awesome show. Cartoon Network, Sundays at 11:30. Try this instead of the pandering, facile and uninspired shit that is Family Guy, or the weekly reanimated husk of the once great Simpsons. And if there’s a god out there (other than the Philly Phanatic) he will see to it that the “Dick-Riding Obama” song becomes the hit it deserves to be.

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