What is the point of this?

This is not snark. This is not rhetorical.* I’m honestly asking, why on earth does this exist?

What insight can possibly be gleaned with regard to influence from TIME putting up a poll that basically asks frequent internet users who their favorite people are? Rain? Roger Federer? Billy Graham, who is no longer, um, alive, not in any real sense of the word. Betty White?

Betty White?

Betty White????**

This list is- ooooooh.

Sorry, my bad. I got distracted by yet another roving band of short-track skaters that just went by my window, no doubt due to the prominence of the 20th most influential person in the world, Apolo Anton Ohno.

What a joke. The only commonality shared by the people on this list with regard to their degree of influence is an active and/or passive ability to inspire slavish devotion from people who are clearly spending far too much time on the internet if they care enough/take even the smallest amount of time to vote in this poll, which has just about the most fantastically retarded methodology behind it since, “Which is better: Hitler or the Bloomin’ Onion?”

*It’s totally both.

**Betty White is hilarious and by all accounts a very nice old lady. But Christ on a bicycle, influential? Come the fuck on.

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