Because stupid never takes a day off, and neither do I

Two updates in one day. This may be a first, but I gotsta do what I gotsta to.

The following is paraphrased, but I think I’ve done a good job of capturing the essential cosmic wrongness. A viewer of the afternoon Angels/Yankees game made the mistake of asking a question of someone who does not know anything about anything, and certainly not baseball.

Viewer: Do you think (Yankees 2B) Robinson Cano can hit 40 homers this year?

Broadcaster: For the Yankees sake, he’d better not.

That’s from Eric Karros, a former mediocre baseball player and current awful broadcaster with a very large head that grossly misrepresents the size of the cerebral cortex encompassed within.

Karros then went on a (mercifully brief) inane spiel decrying “swinging for the fences”, because it’s totally not like a home run is without exception the single best possible outcome of any plate appearance, ever. No, those Yankees better pray that Cano does not hit what would be the most home runs by a second baseman in the history of the American League.

For more reading on the noxious veneration of “smallball” see here, and for more reading on the overall Stupid, Ridiculous Thing that is sports analysis today see this classic piece, both of which are poignant, lucid and just generally awesome pieces of commentary that just so happen to be written by me.

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