Is this really that surprising?

I mean, when I first read this I was pretty fucking flabbergasted at the utter lack of shame and self-awareness that one must be afflicted with in order to put out statements like this one

RightNetwork is going to be for people who work for a living, people who break their backs paying more than their fair share of taxes, for people who believe in this country and believe that we do not have to apologize to anyone. RightNetwork is for people that live in what they call “flyover country,” and what we call, “America.” RightNetwork, because what we’ve been seeing on TV, isn’t all of America.

with a straight face. But thinking about it, the surprising thing isn’t the attempt to actually outfox Fox News, by shedding even the bullshit pretense of impartiality that Rupert Murdoch’s cash cow/golden goose/any other analogous mythical money-making animal you can think of clings to. No, the surprising thing is that it took this long for someone to try.

Best of luck to RightNetwork. As far as I’m concerned, the further fracturing of the television audience is not necessarily a bad thing. Let a segment of the television establishment cater to the troglodytic teabaggers of flyover country, and let another segment cater wholly to the real “Real America” – you know, the places where people are more likely to stimulate themselves intellectually than by jacking off into the barrel of their gun, and shit of, like, actual consequence tends to happen.

Also, you’re welcome.

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