Kevin Smith self-destructs

An absolutely epic blowup from Mr. Too Fat to Fly himself.

See if you can follow this clusterfuck of logic: Smith admits his latest work, Cop Out, was a “retarded kid’ (his words) of a movie, then promises to ban critics from press screenings of his future movies because they gave his bad movie bad reviews.

Take a moment to process that.

See, it’s not okay for critics to shit on Cop Out because it isn’t just a bad movie, it’s a retarded one. And since making fun of retarded kids is just bad form, making fun of retarded movies must be too.

So there you have it, aspiring filmmakers. All you need to do to critic-proof your movie, to inoculate it from any unflattering evaluation whatsoever, to exempt it from the standards of quality that all other movies are judged by, is to call your movie “retarded”.

Kevin Smith is quickly becoming the Glenn Beck of filmmakers: a clownish jackanapes with nothing of any substance whatsoever to contribute, a self-perpetuating circus act of outrage and antics, enabled and sustained by an unfortunately sizable fanbase of an even lesser quality of intellect than himself. I may only be saying this because I don’t have any, but I can’t believe that any amount of money is worth the self-degradation, the complete surrendering of personal pride that this sort of hucksterism involves.

Yeah, it’s probably because I don’t have any. But still, fuck Kevin Smith with a soldering iron.

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