Going Overboard

A very wise man once defined the Internet as “a global communications network where people can come together to share pornography and/or whine about how they all could have made a better Star Wars Episode I.”

This guy made a documentary about the second part. He sifted through 634 hours of footage sent to him by disgruntled shut-ins eager to get their whacks in at George Lucas, then assembled it into an actual movie.

Because, of course, it’s not at all unimaginably sad and embarrassing to spend all that time and work obsessing over a film director. Clearly Lucas has brought this righteous fanboy wrath on himself by daring to release a mediocre trilogy of prequels and updating his original trilogy with many technical enhancements and a few stupid creative changes, thus raping their collective childhood and scarring them beyond repair.

Sweet Sassy Molassey, guy, get a fucking life. I promise, Emperor George isn’t sending out the stormtroopers to personally confiscate your original VHS copy of The Empire Strikes Back. Fuck.

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