Oh man, I almost missed it!

According to internets records it was February 3, 2009 that this blog was created. You can view the very first post here, a lazily written commentary on the Michael Phelps (who?) bong issue that nonetheless got things basically right.

That means that February 3, 2010 was this blog’s birthday, which I somehow missed. However, I do plan to rectify this oversight in the future with an unbirthday celebration, which thankfully I have not missed. By my calculations I first have another 360 unbirthdays with which to work before our next birthday, at which point I’ll hopefully have gone above and beyond to get things in order, under control and on the up and up.

If you take my meaning, be sure to give it back; I need it. Regardless of whether one says what one means, or means what one says, it’s very important that one have the means to say it, and not very unimportant that what one says is mean with it.

At least, that’s how we do things here.

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