I can’t *believe* I’m doing this

Just goes to show how much I really, really, really can not fucking stand Tim Tebow: I’m giving this Mike Celizic article my much-coveted personal seal of approval.

For those not in the know, Mike Celizic is an idiot. You remember all those times I’ve bitched about sportswriting? How its the province of the grossly ignorant and proudly uninformed? That’s Mike Celizic all over.

That being said, credit where it’s due: he nailed this one. CBS should be getting destroyed for this. Yes, lets put some brainwashed schmuck kid and his mom on TV so they can tell millions of people that pregnant women should ignore their doctors advice to abort when their pregnancy is putting them in a coma (note: this actually happened) because the magical guy on Sugarcandy Mountain will save them.

Of course, we don’t have to worry about the smart people, for whom the only thing this ad could ever convince them of is that abortion should be legal if only for the sole purpose of possibly eliminating overhyped Jesus freak dumbasses like Tim Tebow before they can grow to fruition and invade our TV screens. But, as Alexander the Great wrote in the Declaration of Independence decades ago, “most people are not smart, and so they must be protected for their own good from collegiate quarterbacks with a poor understanding of biology and even poorer throwing mechanics”.

Anyway, good job, Mike. You and your stupid hat got one right for a change.

But hey, blind clocks, broken squirrels, or something like that.

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