Highlights of a hundred

This is the one hundredth post in this blog’s long, storied, celebrated, trailblazing and well-chronicled history.

*applause pause*

I was going to do a retrospective listing my favorite things I’ve written, but as much fun and autofellatious as that sounds I’ve instead just selected only one to shine the spotlight on because I think it’s indicative of the theme I’ve got going here wherein I say something righteously right, probably via snark and possibly via run on sentence, only to watch in unsurprised horror as the world at large seemingly conspires to ensure that whatever I want to happen doesn’t and whatever I rip on finds success.

That post can be found here. It’s my pre-review of The Blind Side wherein I used my incomparable powers of observation to opine that the film was irredeemably stupid, laughably racist and that the only way it could possibly be enjoyed by anyone would be for them to be belligerently drunk.

Two months and $250 million in box office receipts later America has once again gone out of its way to give me its collective middle finger.

The only thing I can do is laugh.

And now to wrap this celebration up, here’s a horribly mean and hilarious joke:

How do you turn a fruit into a vegetable?

Hit him in the head with a bat.

G’night, everybody!

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