Joe the Asshole

Joe Lieberman was probably the only non-president/VP politician that I knew by name as a child. Naturally, as a kid, you’re only concerned with the stuff that affects you directly, especially when it comes to the boring government stuff that only boring old people care about (many unfortunately never grow out of this stage; I guarantee a plurality of citizens in this country couldn’t tell you who the current Speaker of the House was, name one Supreme Court Justice or more than two amendments in the Bill of Rights).

Anyway, Lieberman’s crime that got him the attention of a seven year old me was that he went on a crusade against Mortal Kombat, pretty much marching up and down Capitol Hill telling anyone who would listen that this plainly awesome game was unsafe for me to play.

Naturally the result of all this was that due to the influence of this game I grew up to be a badass blood-lusting martial artist, and due to the influence of Scorpion Joe Lieberman was found speared to death in his Senate office while a faint echo of “GET OVER HERE!” could be heard fading into the night.

Sadly, neither of these things actually happened, and Joe Lieberman is still around bothering people and making things generally unpleasant. This time he’s threatening to scream at the top of his lungs in the middle of the Senate so no one can get anything done (also known as filibustering) unless the health care bill Democrats are trying to pass conforms to his reality-challenged demands.

This is nothing new; politicians routinely resort to I’ll-take-my-ball-and-go-home tactics when they don’t like the way a game is going. What makes this case different though is the hysterically hypocritical irony on display from Joe in this clip here. Not only is Joey on the record as being vehemently against the filibuster process, he once tried to outlaw it. The very tactic he’s now triumphantly using to hold up health care reforms for millions of people is the same tactic he once blasted as “hurting credibility” and “impeding progress”. Nothing like consistency, huh Joe?

This is the kind of shit that goes down when you put the Emperor from Star Wars in charge of things. Fucking Connecticut voters.

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