The best TV of the decade

It being the start of a new decade, those Top 10 lists that everyone comes out with near the end of the year are even more ubiquitous this time around. Reuters has one purportedly naming the ten best TV shows of the 00’s.

It’s not as bad as it could’ve been but there’s some pretty indefensible choices in there. Damages? Really? And Lost, for all its intrigue, is still an overstuffed byzantine mess of a mythology. They did get the top two right, though I’d argue they should be in reverse order, but it’s fair either way. Still, here’s a corrected list:

9. Friday Night Lights
8. Rome (underseen and underrated)
7. Malcolm in the Middle
6. Freaks and Geeks
5. The Shield
4. Breaking Bad
3. Mad Men
2. The Sopranos
1. The Glenn Beck Show The West Wing

Normally I’d elaborate but I’m more in an corrective mood right now than an explicative one. Just trust me, I’m right.

Why 9? Because I have yet to get around to watching The Wire, and from all indications it would be criminal to leave it off of a best-of list. So the tenth spot here is reserved for that, and depending on where I’d slot it the other picks would be adjusted.

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