Random Excellent Item of the Day

God I love South Park. Cartman does Glenn Beck better than Beck does Beck.

And, of course, Howard Beale did it better than either of them. If you haven’t, do yourself the favor and see Network, one of the most prescient and forward thinking movies ever made. There will always be pseudo-populists out there to exploit peoples ignorance and profiteer off their fears by invoking and intoning about a nebulous sense that “there’s just something not right going on”.

Becks “You’ve got to ask these questions!” is nothing if not the latest spin on Beale’s “You’ve got to get mad!”. And these “tea party” protests/angry mobs Beck loves to promote that are currently in vogue amongst a certain (misguided, ignorant and racist) segment of the population are just the updated incarnation of Beale’s viewers getting up, going to the window, opening it and screaming “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

Great movie. Sad reality.

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