On Islam

First we have this bright idea, wherein a big budget biopic about some Arabic Yosemite Sam knockoff called Muhammad will somehow be made without the guy “actually being depicted on screen”. Yes, that’s right: a biographical look at someone… without ever seeing them. On the list of Atrociously Bad Movie Ideas this would seem to fall somewhere between a sharkless Jaws and a remake of The Birds where all the birds are turkeys.

Then we’ve got this, which isn’t so much stupid as it is cowardly, disingenuous, hypocritical and really just fucking lame. Roland Emmerich, director of the forthcoming tsunami of suck known as 2012, is very “against organized religion”. Nice, most intelligent people are. So one of the nonstop parade of destruction scenes in the film will depict a statue of Jesus being blown up. Okay, I’m still with him. 2012 isn’t exactly something anyone goes to see because they’re looking for religious commentary, but whatever floats his boat. Here’s where the bad comes in, and this is just utter shit: he scrapped a scene that would’ve shown some stupid Islamic holy building getting blown up because he’s afraid the Big Bad Terrorist will come and blow his house down up.

So we have an idiot producer who won’t show the subject of his film on screen because a silly religion considers it blasphemous and a total pussy of a director who won’t equally apply his religion-bashing because he’s afraid of the crazy religious people that are undoubtedly the very reason why he hates religion in the first place.

In summation, Islam blows. Also, the picture of Muhammad in the link is one of those banned cartoons that caused a minor uproar about two years ago. Yeah, people went apeshit over that.

As easy, and fun, and warranted as it is to rip on Christians the Muslims are far, far worse.

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