They really just bring it on themselves

Yes, ripping on culture warriors/concerned parents/sexually repressed killjoys with no lives in general is like shooting retarded fish in a barrel, but this is too good to pass up: basically a bunch of clueless, stupid people are annoyed that the film Antichrist exists, and they want to do everything short of complete censorship to keep it away from people. Check that, they would love to completely censor it, but for a change they’ve confined themselves to reality-based efforts, and so are complaining that

the movie is coming into theatres “unrated,” when it should be rated NC-17 – the modern-day version of the “X” rating.

Now really, would it *kill* these people to learn *something* about how the MPAA works? Hell, even something about *words* and what they *mean*? “Unrated” is not a rating. “Unrated” means… wait for it… the film hasn’t been rated. Holy batfuck! From a quick trip to Wikipedia, which took me three fucking seconds:

If a film is not submitted for rating, the label NR (Not Rated) is used; however, “NR” is not an official MPAA classification.

The MPAA can’t change Antichrist‘s rating because it hasn’t given it one. It’s a voluntary system, and if a distributor doesn’t submit a release for classification the movie thus goes unrated by the organization.

But all that’s just silly nonsense like facts and logic and clearly has no place here when we’re talking about a movie that “is mainly about sex, mutilation and evil” so FUCK THAT SHIT AND RAPE THIS MOTHERFUCKER WITH AN NC-17 UP ITS ASS!

As an aside, Antichrist happens to be a provocative, well-acted, deeply unsettling film that’s well worth a viewing by anyone with an attention span and the ability to not be a nauseating scold that loves to get off on their own outrage when they’re not too busy worshipping homoerotic bondage.

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