You know that stereotype about athletes being dumb?

It’s true. It’s absolutely true. Which is why it’s such complete and utter retardation to, after they retire, move them from a position in which their contribution to the team has nothing to do with intelligence (playing), to a position where their contribution to the team has everything to do with intelligence (managing).

One day the road to becoming a manager/coach will go through Ivy League schools instead of through teams player development systems. It’s a very long ways off, but one day these billionaire owners are going to wake up to the fact that their investments are being entrusted to uninformed, unqualified and oftentimes just plain incompetent washed-up athletes.

Athletes. Do you know any other business where billion dollar investments are handled not by those with impeccable academic credentials or years of business experience, but by athletes?

Yes, I pontificate on this issue too much. It’s just frustrating. Because sometimes it’s very hard to be simultaneously intelligent and a sports fan.

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