Epic disappointment

It’s only the first of an eight episode story arc, but tonight’s Seinfeld reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm reminded me of exactly why I never took to this show in the first place: it’s rambling, contrived and plotless. It comes off almost as an amateur project made by fans trying to imitate Seinfeld-style humor rather than an actual TV production made by one of Seinfeld’s guiding minds.

It’s also pretty not funny. The improv aspect leads to endless line repetition and harping on asinine situations, which, again, comes back to poor Seinfeld mimicry. Larry David has a lot of George Lucas in him (minus the goiter): a shitload of creativity, but their work is better when filtered through others rather than just spit out directly. Curb is, like the Star Wars prequels, oftentimes unrefined, sloppy and badly in need of a rewrite.

And, in Curb’s case, more actual writing.

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