He does exist! (and he’s a dick)

So I was saying to myself the other day, “Man, you know what television really needs? Another Seth MacFarlane animated vehicle for a series of totally interchangeable pop culture riffs with the barest hint of a plot thrown in to provide the pretense that an actual story is being told. Oh, and, uh, yeah, the way his characters all talk with, ah, lots of fillers in their vocabulary? Oh man, I could never get enough of that!”

And then I heard a voice, and holy shit, it was God! He said, “Well, that certainly was long-winded, but what the hell, here you go!”

And I said, “But God, I was obviously being sarcastic. The last thing the world needs is more Seth MacFarlane quackfuckery.”

And he said “Well, that’s what you get for being a smartass.”

And I said “But-”

And he was like “Suck on it, kike”, and, well, I really didn’t have anywhere to go from there.

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