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The following is an actual exchange of words that took place. Any and all resemblances to real people are entirely purposeful, and this totally happened:

Stupid sports writers/fans: “Tony Romo (Cowboys) is not a great quarterback. He’s not a leader. He doesn’t get the job done in big spots. He will never be great and Dallas will never win with him directing its offense.”

Me: “You fucking idiots. You fucking fucking idiots. Do you know anything about anything? Are concepts like “facts” and “truth” and “logic” and “sanity” really that abstract, that hard to get a grip on? What in god’s name is wrong with you people?

Tony Romo is not only a great quarterback, he a great quarterback who has had a historically great start to his career. HISFUCKINGTORICALLY:

10th all time in pass completion percentage at 63.1%

3rd all time in quarterback rating at 94.2 .

4th all time in yards per attempt, the most telling pure stat there is for QB’s.

Tied for the 9th highest single-season passing touchdowns in history at 36 in 2007. (Fun fact: No Cowboys QB has ever thrown for even 30. Aikman only passed 20 once in his career.)

In conclusion, Tony Romo is a really really really really really fucking good quarterback who has lost the first two playoff games of his young career.


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