There is no better word to use here. This is the absolute, bar-none most completely fucking perfect example of the namesake of this blog: a stupid, ridiculous thing.

The above link is to a typical dumbfuck “conservative” site that sifts through the rest of the media while looking for gotcha moments of liberal bias, also known as not being ignorant/backwards/an all around mental failure. As you can see from reading it, this gotcha moment was all about some Dear Abby reader who wrote in requesting advice on what to do about a very, very serious problem: she just found out that her sister, who is paying her kids way through college, is a porn star.

Ho. Ly. SHIT.

“Abby”, as any non-retard would, basically told the reader to get the fuck over it and accept the sisters generosity. The toolish writer of this article then excoriated “Abby” for her “moral relativism”.

Moral relativism is one of my favorite terms, and by favorite I mean it makes my head bleed. In its colloquial usage as a pushback for being called out on “I don’t like (x) so it’s wrong” logic it’s become a cherished buzzterm for the morality police, the whining, prudish, religious minded folks who exemplify some of the worst ailments of the human condition. It’s not enough to just say they don’t like something, see. No, they also have to assert that it’s wrong, that it is an obvious and incontestable evil and anyone who disagrees is relativist with no moral grounding (and they’re probably an atheist/communist/faggot too!).

It’s symptomatic of what just might be the biggest contributor to stupidity there is, and that’s the insistence of so many people on holding so many beliefs without any real reason for doing so. Why is it wrong for someone to earn a living as a performer and entertainer by having sex? Where is the wrong here? Who is being wronged, who’s being hurt, and why should anyone be ashamed?

The answer, of course, is no where, and no one and they shouldn’t. Being a porn star isn’t one of those things that’s wrong because it directly affects others in a negative way. It’s wrong because people find it distasteful, or sinful, or whatever. It’s the laziest kind of circular logic imaginable: it’s wrong because it’s wrong and it’s wrong because it’s wrong. It’s institutionalized lunacy, and to berate someone for having the audacity to suggest that it’s okay to accept money from a porn star relative to put your kids through school is certifiably nucking futs.

When you pass moral judgment there has to be a solid, logical foundation to support whatever conclusion you come to. To put it another way, shit’s gotta make sense.

“Being a porn star is wrong” just… doesn’t.

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